Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Majlis Penghargaan atas usaha menjayakan projek pemeriksaan mata untuk pelajar-pelajar sekolah Negeri Perak Tahun 2023
Appreciation to Dato Dr Jasvinder Singh, Resident Ophthalmologist from YAB MB Perak for the Free Medical and Eye Screening rendered to public in the state of Perak.
Pada 16 th Julai 2023 program kem kesihatan dan saringan mata percuma di Kampung Asli, Pos Legap.
JustSee Eye Clinic and charity events.
12 th April 2023, free Eye screening @Buntong, Ipoh. The importance of screening at schools is that we can detect refractive errors and lazy eyes at early stage.
21 st of Feb 2023 free Eye & Medical screening at lembah Bertam, Cameron Highlands. A very big crowd, mostly senior citizens.
Screened more than 200 people and detected many eye problems.
World Sight day 2022 programme at SMK Tanjung Rambutan. International World SIGHT DAY 2022 is on the 13th of October.
Kem Kesihatan dan Saringan Mata (PPIS) di Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Batu, Mukim Pundut, Sitiawan pada 11 Sept 2022.
Merdeka day event. Free medical and eye screening at Sri Sathya Sai Baba Cave Temple,Tambun.
Ceramah mengajar kesihatan Mata di bangunan KWSP, Ipoh.
23rd of august, eye screening for school children @SJKT Philomena Convent, Silibin.
14th august 2022 from 9 am till 1 noon, free medical and eye screening at Bercham, Ipoh.
On going free eye screening for school children @SJK (T) Kg Simee with vision optical.
Free medical and eye screening at Dewan Serbaguna Kampung Raja @Cameron Highlands i. e 25 th July 2022, from 9 am till 1.30 noon.
Free medical & eye screening @Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya on the 13 th of April 2022 from 10 am till 2.30 pm in conjunction with Vasakhi day celebration.
Back to School programme which was organised by Pertubuhan Kebajikan India Bercham (PKID) led by Mr Arri Muthusamy and his committee with the presence of YB Ong, Adun Bercham had given away more than 100 school bags with uniforms and other necessary stationery items to school going kids.
Tq to the members of Malaysian association of Punjabi Dignitaries (MAPD) who have contributed financial aid to purchase essential household items to be delivered to flood victims, surrounding selangor and Pahang.
Food aid boxes and free T-Shirts by Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan Sikh Perak (PPIS) @Ipoh.
Carnival Cataract by Ministry of Health (MOH) surgical Camp, @ Tawau Hospital, Sabah. Event jointly organised by Ministry of Health (MOH), Lions club Tawau Central and Rotary club Tawau.
Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan sikh Perak (PPIS) foodaid boxes distributed at Batu Gajah for the needy.
Giving away Prihatin food aid boxes by Pertubuhan Pembangunan Insan Sikh Perak (PPIS) to residents of Kampung Tai Lee Buntong, Ipoh.
PPIS on going charity event today, 08 July 2021.
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